Swedish Massage: 60mins/$95.00 - 90mins/$143.00

Enjoy a gentle, relaxing massage to help release tension and improve circulation.

Deep Tissue Massage: 60mins/$100.00 - 90mins/$150.00

​Reward your muscles with intense, focused techniques to reach knots locked in the deep muscle layers.

Shiatsu Massage: 60mins/$100.00 - 90mins/150.00

Receive a specialized combination of stretching and Shiatsu, or pressure with fingers for relaxation, pain and energy balance.

**Please wear comfortable clothing for this message.

Prenatal Massage: 60mins/$95.00 - 90mins/$143.00

Created specifically for expectant mothers, this gentle massage benefits all stages of pregnancy approved by their physician.

Sports Massage: 60mins/$100.00 - 90mins/$150.00

Receive an individualized massage focused on the areas of greatest stress to improve athletic training, performance and recovery.

Chair Massage Party: $150.00 minimum

On-site 15mins chair massage sessions are available for groups of five or more.

 -Bomaroma, Stay healthy. Stay happy.